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Online community for entrepreneurs looking for game-changing solutions for our oceans

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About Swenson & The Cabin

Swenson is a community gathering entrepreneurs, creatives and artists looking for game-changing solutions for our oceans

And THE CABIN is the online version of The Swenson House. (our physical workspace)

This is our online co-working space to join Swenson network, catch up with passionate folks from all over the world and also the opportunity to get access whenever you want and wherever you are to inspiring and exclusive content including:

- Online Workshops
- Online Courses
- Live Talks
- Exclusive Content

Why You Should Join Us

By subscribing to THE CABIN membership, you'll be part of the Swenson community, as a member. 

You'll have the opportunity to get
// 1 year access to a circle of like minded peers looking for game-changing solutions for our oceans, 

// Access to Online Workshops, Courses and dedicated Live Talks

// In touch with all Swenson Members

// Access to articles and exclusive content

// Access to +10 perks (Special offers with partners...)

// Get special prices for The Swenson House

Discover all the benefits from joining THE CABIN today

Looking for more than online stuff?

Okay! We built a cool place for that at the edge of Brittany. If you are looking to get full access to The Swenson House as a member, its basically THE CABIN Membership +

// Your dedicated desk at The Swenson House

// Exclusive Monthly Events (View past events)

// Access to private Live Talks 

// The last copy of Swenson Magazine

// Your Welcome Pack (Discover whats in)

Discover all the benefits from getting THE SWENSON HOUSE Membership today

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